1. Are we allowed to wear headphones?
No. We have six road crossings and some parts of the course are quite narrow and you will have to give way to approaching runners. To keep all runners safe we have imposed on a 100% ban on all headphones. Runners need to be alert at all times to road traffic, other runners and marshalls. Any team member infringing will risk the whole team of disqualification.

2.  Will there be drink stations?
Yes. However, they are refill stations only. We will not be providing plastic cups - you can run with your own water, place your own drink bottle on the table ahead of time or run with a cup you can refill.

3. I'd like to run with a team but can't find enough members. Can I still run?
Yes, we can place you in a team. Please use the contact form and let us know if you're a runner or a walker and whether you'd like to be in the 3 person or 6 person team. We will try and place you in a team that may be short of members.

4. On raceday, what happens if a team member is late or doesn't turn up, do we still compete?
Yes, we have a designated meeting point where teams may be able to pick an extra member if participants are without a team.

5. We are representing our club on the day. Can we please put a club tent/gazebo up?
Yes, we have areas for your tents on the cricket oval which is on the last 200metres of the 7km loop course. The spaces will be available on a "first come-first served" basis.
6. Will there any food or drinks available for purchase?
Yes, there will be coffee, cold drinks and a BBQ served from the Sports Centre canteen.

7. Can one of our team members run 2 times?
Yes, the distance each runner can run is variable, providing its a multiple of 7km. As an example, a 3 Person Team may choose to have their runners do 7km/14km/21km, or a 2 Person Team: 28km/14km etc